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RepostGram is a Instagram web tool that enables social media managers & small business owners to leverage user generated IG content most effectively, to grow their reach while saving time



More content = growth

RepostGram is made for the needs of Instagram accounts that find & repost great content to engage and grow their own audience. The more quality content you can (re)post, the faster your reach can grow.

Easy creator approval

Don't damage your reputation or Instagram reach (through user complaints) by reposting without asking - instead take advantage of RepostGram's capability to manage media approval simply, in no time and at scale.

Collect from anywhere

Easily "bookmark" Instagram posts, wherever you stumble on them - from your phone, tablet or while browsing on your desktop computer. If you like, you can allow further people to add posts to your library too.

Doesn't affect your IG

We specifically created RepostGram to be non-invasive, working and assisting you from the "outside". Using RepostGram is untraceable from others perspective and just helps you be more productive.

How RepostGram helps you

..get better content in less time, while building a stronger connection to your audience

  1. Your Feed: More Posts, higher quality & in less time
    Let's be honest: Creating content can be a real burden when you start running out of ideas - especially last minute. RepostGram solves this by allowing you to build up a media library (before you need the content) by "bookmarking" great posts of other users. For better overview the main interface is desktop based, but "bookmarking" posts is just as easy from your smartphone or tablet (when your discover content on the couch, while having a cup at your local coffee shop etc.)
  2. Engage your target audience: Creating a WIN-WIN situation
    Many people miss the opportunity of engaging with their target audience when it comes to reposting. Firstly, pinching posts without the original creators consent is a no-no! Not only will it give your account / brand a really negative reputation, but also likely will damage your IG accounts reach (shadow ban or worse) when more and more users report you for effectively stealing content. RepostGram on the other hand enables you to drop a generated, but always very personalized request message (from a text template)  to the creator in seconds. Creators respond very positively to the polite gesture of requesting the repost permission (with a personalized message). They are very likely willing to give you permission - and - will probably also metion you in a postive light towards others (you can very easily add new followers by this too). RepostGram will track all the posts you have requested to repost, so you don't have to check when the author responds. This way it's no problem for you to have dozens of usage requests pending, you see the status right there in the overview of your collected posts.
  3. Be more efficient, take your workflow seriously
    Being on Instagram with your smartphone day and night and operating everthing from there is fine and dandy. But the same way using an IG scheduler to bulk-plan your posts makes sense - reposting should also not be a chaotic, last minute thing. With the organized, searchable library of RepostGram you can continuously build your very own content library. Then, when you sit down to post (or schedule) your next Instagram posts you'll have lots and lots of great (and approved) posts on stock and can pick the right one. Continious delivery of relevant content will put you ahead of the competition - especially on Instagram, where posts get buried within 1-3 days.

" If your content is all about your products and services, that's not storytelling. It's a #brochure "
— Jay Baer

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